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Windows 7

Updated: May 19, 2019

Is being abandoned at a faster rate than expected.

windows 7

The operating system is now being run by less than half of all Windows users.

According to NetMarketShare, in November the overall desktop market share of Windows 7 dropped by a hefty 3.5% down to 43.12%. Microsoft will doubtless be pleased to see that Windows 10 now isn’t that far behind on 31.95%, as they want customers to move to the newer Windows 10 as soon as possible.

Windows 10 is now only just over 10% behind Windows 7 according to NetMarketShare, and it might not be too long before that gap is fully closed.

Microsoft has set Windows 7's retirement for January 2020, a date that is quickly approaching. The slower Windows 7 declines in user share, the greater the chance that panicked businesses will overspend to replace the operating system with Windows 10, causing a repeat of the chaotic end times of Windows XP.

By lagging behind XP's reduction time, Windows 7 risks ending its support life-cycle with an even larger fraction of the world's PCs still relying on what will then be an unpatched operating system. And May's Wanna-cry cyber-attack illustrated just how dangerous that can be.


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