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Don't Get Tricked on Facebook Marketplace!

Take care if you’re shopping on online marketplaces.

We’ve seen a 75% increase in people getting scammed when shopping for things like cars, tickets and clothes on Facebook Marketplace. Here are some things to look out for:

Is it too good to be true?

It’s not a bargain if it never turns up.

Do you have to pay right away?

A genuine seller won’t pressure you into a quick sale.

Can you meet the seller in person?

Look for things nearby so you can check the item before you pay.

Will they let you pay by card?

Never pay by bank transfer. Pay by debit or credit card to protect your money. HELP TO STOP SCAMMERS Unexpected call? Dial 159 to report Fraud.

Scam text? Forward it for free to 7726. Scam email? Forward it to

Think you’ve been targeted by fraudsters? Contact the company directly on a trusted number to check if the offer is real.


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