Manage your time with Google Maps.

Updated: May 19, 2019

(Article from Androidcentral)

manage time with google maps

Google Maps has received a small update today focusing on improving time rationing at busy stores around the holiday (and beyond). In an update to Google Maps for Android and iOS, the service now tells you not only the general times when a restaurant, bar or store is busy, but, where available, a real-time summary of its popularity.

This data is hard to come by, says Google, which is why it took so long to implement, but it's not the only feature worth noting: Google has improved the summary details of how long people typically spend in a given location, so if you plan to make a stop at that tiny coffee shop, you'll know approximately how long it will take to get in and out, or to stay and grab a table.

Finally, for places that have restaurants or stores within stores — say, a gift shop within a museum — Google now summarizes those times separately, which is incredibly