6.5 MILLION could be overpaying for their broadband

Updated: May 25, 2019

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Around 6.5 million customers in the UK are likely to be paying too much for their broadband, according to figures from the telecoms regulator.

Research published in Ofcom's annual report on pricing trends says 46% of households with standard up-to-17Mb speed broadband are out of contract (which equates to four million households), as are 32% which have faster fibre broadband (approximately 2.5 million).

Many broadband and mobile providers offer low monthly prices for the duration of your contract - but once you're beyond the minimum term it's highly likely you're overpaying.

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The huge cost of apathy laid bare - compare these with the '£12/mth' cheapest deal

To give you an idea of how much prices can change once you're out of contract, here's what some of the big providers charge when your minimum term's up:

Out-of-contract standard speed broadband and line rental costs


BT £42.9 £516

Sky £30 £360

TalkTalk £27 £324

Plusnet £29.98 £360

It's worth comparing these prices to our top pick deals. Currently the cheapest standard speed broadband and line rental is equivalent to £12/mth (if you claim a £60 voucher).

For fibre broadband our top pick deal is Vodafone's up-to-38Mb speed fibre broadband for £20/mth.

If you've not changed your broadband provider or haggled with your current provider in the last 12 months, the likelihood is you're paying up to three times too much for your broadband and line rental.

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Our tool can also factor in TV deals and calculate whether it's best to get all the services from the same provider. Alternatively if you're happy with your current provider, telecoms providers are amongst the easiest to haggle with.

(By Weleid Omar, Consumer Analyst)